• Work remotely with ease.

    Zoho have released 'Remotely', the comprehensive suite of applications to enable collaboration and teamwork when working away from the office.

    Both web and mobile applications will ensure that your team can communicate and continue to work together no matter where you are.

    In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Remotely is being offered free until 1st July 2020.
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What's Included?

A complete suite of applications to enable communication and collaboration with your team, suppliers, partners and customers.


The remote work hub, Cliq allows you to setup channels of communication with team members. Chat through message, audio or video call and share files across departments.


Schedule and partake in video or audio meetings at the click of a button. With screen-sharing features you can continue working with your team as if they were in the room.


An online training tool, courses can be setup and trainees are given the ability to interact in real-time, asking questions and providing feedback.


Online file management and storage platform that gives access to shared files across your team.


Design and operate projects with ease, keeping track of progress, issues and completed milestones.


Take your agile approach with you. Project scrum boards give you clear sight of the latest status.


Create documents and share them with your team. Documents can be edited together by all team members from their desktop, laptop or mobiles.


Zoho's spreadsheet creator giving you the ability to compile and analyse raw data and present visualisations to your colleagues.


Design presentations with your co-creators. Collaborate, comment on and review changes made by others.


Cloud-based remote support and access software for supporting customers and colleagues remotely. Set up unattended remote access and manage remote PCs, laptops, mobile devices and servers.

Free Until 1st July 2020

Access to Zoho Remotely is absolutely free until 1st July 2020, by which time we all hope that the COVID-19 outbreak has been suitably contained. 

You can sign yourself up below and create an account for up to 10 users.

If you require any assistance with setup and training then please do get in touch and we would be happy to help.

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