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The Axithorn Approach

We're passionate about exceeding the expectations of our clients at every given opportunity. Our business may revolve around computer systems, but we understand the importance of people both in business and in life. Developing strong relationships with our clients helps us to build them fluid and functional systems that help your business to flourish.

Have you been sold an 'off-the-shelf' system by a pushy salesperson who dazzled you with a multitude of features, few of which you actually need?  When purchasing a business system, a generic platform is, statistically, doomed to fail. Your business is different. Why should your company culture go out the window when it comes to technology implementations? 

At Axithorn, we believe that the key to a successful implementation is a thorough understanding of your business' culture and needs. Tailoring a system to match your corporate language, processes and objectives helps to ensure a solution that gives lasting benefits. Contact us to find out how we can help.

What We Do

Perhaps you are making a first foray into the world of CRM systems? Maybe you are looking to improve or replace your existing platforms? Whatever your needs, we are on hand to offer advice. Whether that involves a full-scale build and integration or simply some guidance on best practice, we're here for you and happy to help. 
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Build & Implementation

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Training and Support

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James Welch-Thornton, Axithorn Owner Profile Picture

James Welch-Thornton, Owner

James is a Zoho Advanced Consulting Partner.  An expert in managing databases and CRM platforms, he turned his skills to consultancy and started Axithorn in order to help businesses struggling to get the best from their digital platforms. 

His passion for Zoho grows each day. With deep knowledge across the Zoho suite of applications and of API integrations and business analytics, as well as a background in data management and sales, he delights in delivering functional platforms for clients, with a smile!